• The waters of wisdom run deep within you. Draw from the well.

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  • What would you learn if you knew you could not fail?

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  • A moment’s pause, a ‘yes’ to invitation, the angle in a gesture—one small shift can release a cascade of positive change.

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  • Within you lie great powers. Find them. Feed them. Free them.

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  • A spark. A breath. An intention.
    Something brought you into being. Will you honor its call?

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  • Anima, n. (Latin): the breath, vital energy, or creative principle; the soul.

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Growth Mindset

How we think about learning directly determines what we can learn. Challenge, effort and even failure can become friends. Change your mindset. Change what’s possible.


Contemplative Practice

Every moment contains the wisdom we need. Stop. Take a breath. Come back to your body, your knowing, and your ability to connect with others. Take your learning deeper.


Applied Improvisation

The same skills that make great on-stage improvisors — spontaneity, courage, focus, humility, and playfulness — make for resilient and creative teachers and learners as well.


Positive Reinforcement

“Reward movement toward the behavior you want—and ignore the rest.” It’s a simple principle with profound implications for how we best approach any learning relationship.

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